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"The kings came and fought, then fought the kings of Canaan in Taanach by the waters of Megiddo; they took no gain of silver;

They fought from heaven; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera." Judges 5:17-19

Two lines from the Song of Deborah in the Book of Judges. This book according to Biblical chronology spans a period of some three hundred years and contains only about 12 tales. It is, then, hardly a comprehensive history of the period and I am not the first to suggest that the majority of Canaan could have been under Egyptian hegemony at this time. Thus H. H. Rowley in "From Joseph to Joshua" states:-

" Garstang (the great Biblical Archaeologist in the 30's) has boldly suggested that the references to Egyptian activity are veiled and the successive periods of peace recorded in the Book of Judges are the periods of effective Egyptian control".

A map of the area after the conquest shows what cities were NOT under Israelite control.

But back to our opening quote. It is usually taken for granted that the Kings mentioned in the first line are the same Kings that are mentioned in the second. However on closer reading that makes no sense. In which case who are the Kings that came to fight against the Kings of Canaan? Not the Israelites, this was at the time of the Prophetess/Judge , Deborah.

In my revised chronology, I had shown that Shishak, the Egyptian King that had taken all the treasure from Solomon's Temple at the time of Rehoboam was in fact Ramesses III. If that is the case then we have two of the greatest Egyptian Kings, Tuthmose III and Ramesses II ruling in Egypt at the time of the Judges and Tuthmose at the time of Deborah. Is there any evidence that this could have been the case. Could the "Kings" referred to in the above quotation have included Tuthmose?

Coincidence 1. Aharoni in "The Land of the Bible" states:-

"A considerable number of Canaanite Kings participated in the alliance having at their disposal 900 chariots of iron. A number which reminds one of the booty taken by Tuthmose III at the battle of Megiddo".

It should do slightly more than remind one. 900 is hardly a common "Biblical number".

The fact is that Deborah through a miracle overcomes 900 chariots of Iron and

"They took no gain of money" whilst an Egyptian King in exactly the same area reports capturing 900 chariots.

Let us compare maps of the Thuthmose campaign and that of Deborah. The first is from Aharoni, the second from "The Living Nach"

900 Chariots seized in the same place in two separate accounts, one Biblical, one Egyptian exactly as predicted by the revised chronology. Coincidence?

Now from the strange to the bizarre.

The Ufologists like to quote from a strange papyrus that they claim is from the time of Thuthmose III. It is they state one of the first recorded examples of a UFO in history.

The Papyrus concerned is referred to as the Tulli Papyrus after Professor Alberto Tulli who was director of the Egyptian Museum at the Vatican. The problem is that the original is no longer available and many claim it to be a hoax. Here is the copy.


It was supposedly translated by a well know Egyptian Art Historian, Prince Boris de Rachewiltz. However I cannot find that original either.

The translation however is compelling.

"In the year 22, of the third month of winter, sixth hour of the day... in the scribes of the House of Life it was found a circle of fire that was coming from the sky... it had no head, the breath of its mouth had a foul odor. Its body was one rod long and one rod wide. It had no voice. Their bellies became confused through it: then they laid themselves on their bellies... they went to the Pharaoh, to report it... His Majesty ordered... has been examined... as to all which is written in the papyrus rolls of the House of Life. His Majesty was meditating on what happened. Now after some days had passed, these things became more numerous in the sky than ever. They shone more in the sky than the brightness of the sun, and extended to the limits of the four supports of the heavens. Powerful was the position of the fire circles. The army of the Pharaoh looked on with him in their midst. It was after supper. Thereupon these fire circles ascended higher in the sky to the south. Fishes and volatiles fell down from the sky. A marvel never before known since the foundation of their land. And Pharaoh caused incense to be brought to make peace on the hearth... and what happened was ordered to be written in the annals of the House of Life... so that it be remembered for ever. "

Let us particularly note the date "The year 22 of the third month of winter" and that there were strange occurrences in the sky. Here is the timeline for the Tuthmose III invasion into Canaan as compiled from the Egyptian records. This from Breasted's "Ancient Records of Egypt".

Compare that to our opening quote from the Book of Judges


"19 The kings came and fought, then fought the kings of Canaan in Taanach by the waters of Megiddo; they took no gain of silver;

20 They fought from heaven; the stars in their courses fought against Sisera."

Strange happening in the sky at one particular location in the world at one particular time both involving 900 chariots. A coincidence or was Tuthmose III the miracle that saved Deborah and further proof that my revised chronology is EXACTLY correct

Any Questions?

Michael S. Sanders
Irvine California
Wednesday, June 02, 1999


  1. The Living Nach - Early Prophets (ISBN: 0940118297)
    Same Series as Aryeh Kaplan's Torah. If unavailable from Amazon, please contact us.
  2. Ancient Records of Egypt: Part Two (ISBN: 1854170260)


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