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On the front cover of the paper back version of Barbara Kreiger's marvelous book "The Dead Sea" is a reproduction of the map of Canaan from the 1650 edition of Thomas Fuller's "Pisgah-Sight of Palestine".

Her picture came from the Laor Cartographic Collection, Jewish National and University Library, Jerusalem.

Because of her kindness and generosity, I am able to reproduce it here full size.

It is worth the wait in downloading.

Please note in particular the position of Zeboim and Sodom as they relate to our satellite images and the surprising position of Zoar/Bela on the West Bank of the Dead Sea. As is the case with the Madaba Map, there is no Lisan and Southern basin.

Click for a full size view of Fuller Map!

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  1. The Dead Sea: Barbara Kreiger (ISBN: 087451827X)


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Vision Video Associate

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