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DAN, DAN - The Traveling Man

The question of the whereabouts of the Lost Tribes is an important one in that as we have stated before, all the prophesies in the Bible apply not just to the tribe of Judah but to all the descendants of the Children of Israel.

Tribe map One tribe above all others has been cited as showing its ubiquitous nature. The Tribe of Dan and the vast numbers of geographical names which include D-N has been used as evidence by some that this tribe passed that way. Thus the rivers Don and Danube, as well as the lesser known Danaper and Danaster. Denmark itself of course and the Welsh and Spanish connections with Don have all been used to prove that the Tribe passed that way in its wanderings even before their exile by the Assyrians.

We will of course study this in depth at a later date. Today I want to investigate a strange story which will link up and add one more piece to the proof of the revised chronology.

Eldad ben Mahli ha-Dani commonly known as ELDAD THE DANITE was a 9th century Jewish traveler and philologist. The Encyclopedia Britannica describes him thus :-

"Probably originally from southern Arabia, Eldad visited Mesopotamia, Egypt, North Africa, and Spain and caused a stir by his account of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel. He himself claimed to be a descendant of the Danites, who, together with the tribes of Naphtali, Asher, and Gad, were said to have established a Jewish kingdom in Cush (Kush), variously interpreted as Ethiopia or, roughly, present-day Sudan."

It is how and when the tribe of Dan got to Ethiopia which is fascinating for our chronology.

The account can be found in Louis Ginzberg's monumental work "The Legends of the Jews".

Eldad recounts that at the time of Jeroboam after his return from Egypt and the breakup of the Kingdom into two parts (Judah and Benjamin under Rehoboam in the South and the rest of the tribes under Jeroboam in the North) the Northern King had a plan to attack Judah and once again have a United Kingdom. Jeroboam put that plan to the elders of the 10 tribes.

The elders suggested that the job of attacking the south should be placed in the hands of the Tribe of Dan who were referred to as "the most efficient of their warriors".

The tribe of Dan however refused the request to attack the South believing it a sin to attack and shed the blood of their fellow Children of Israel. They actually threatened to attack Jeroboam instead, according to Eldad.

This was averted only because "God prompted the Danites to leave the promised land" ....their destination, Egypt!

It should be a simple task to confirm this story therefore in the Egyptian records. Is there any historical document in Egypt that shows the tribe of Dan invading? Well under the conventional chronology this would have been at the end of the 21st dynasty and there is no such record...........

However under the revised chronology we are in for a tremendous surprise and next week we will not only find the invasion records we will finally be able to solve one of the questions that have been perplexing scholars for generations. The true identity of the so-called Sea Peoples. Stay tuned.

Any Questions

Michael S. Sanders

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Irvine California.


  1. The Living Torah by Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan (ISBN: 0940118351)
  2. The Five Books of Moses. Edited by Everett Fox (ISBN: 080524140X)
  3. The Legends of the Jews by Louis Ginzberg 7 volumes (ISBN: 08276014)


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