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"City" beneath the Dead Sea

Straight Line of formed blocks with perfectly straight angled corners.  First seen by Dr. Zvi Ben Avraham,  Director of the Dead Sea Research Center at Tel Aviv University  


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"Block Wall" seen for the first time

"Block Wall" seen for the first time

Marble like striations seen under the salt. 

Marble like striations seen under the salt. *


 At first glance this feature reminds one of the sediment layers from which we dug large sulphur balls on the Lisan.  Similar structures can be found below Masada and at other points around the Dead Sea.

The problem is that it is visible at the bottom of the Dead Sea which should be totally covered in salt after hundreds of thousands of years. Yet it is completely visible and at an angle to the fault lines thus ruling out tectonic activity.

Further problems arise in the straightness of the lines as if they were cut blocks of sedimentary limestone. This material however is very soft and flaky, easily worn by
weather and presumably water.


1650 Map

Satellite Images of Area

When Dr. Zvi Ben Avraham, the Director of the Dead Sea Research Center at Tel Aviv University made his first dive in the mini-sub Delta, he described a straight line of formed blocks with perfectly straight angled corners. His first reaction was that they could NOT possibly be natural structures at least not in his wide experience of geology.

So adamant was he that he had a vociferous argument with our Swedish graduate student diver and archaeologist who wanted to be much more cautious. "What do you know" he stated "you are not a professional geologist as I am!"

On another occasion sitting at a table and being filmed, Professor Ben Avraham described to Michael Sanders, Director of the Expedition Dive why they could not be a natural tectonic formation. He drew a clear diagram of the fault lines in the Dead Sea and showed that the straight line of blocks that he saw were at an angle to those faults thereby proving categorically that they had to be something other
than a natural formation.

Not only were both these scenes not included in the documentary produced by Channel 4, but they knowingly and willfully tried to give the impression that I was badgering Dr. Ben Avraham to agree to something that he did not believe.

After having the heated debate with Pia Andersson (our diver) and discussions with his assistant Michael Lazar who was preparing his thesis on the results of the dive, Dr. Ben Avraham became more cautious and these straight lines of stone were forgotten.

The Director of the Expedition never saw these stones during his time at the bottom of the Dead Sea and did not know of the existence of this sequence until quite recently.  Channel 4 in the UK must have much more of it but refuses to release anything. Because Mike Sanders never saw them, he did not feel he was in a position to debate Dr. Ben Avraham in Israel. Mike Sanders of course saw the multitude of mounds in the 0.8 x 0.8 kilometer square many of which were topped with a small amount of red substance which nobody has yet been able to identify. The red material did not appear at the side of the mounds nor between the mounds and only Pia claims to have seen them anywhere on the flat surface of the Dead Sea. As far as I know, no video of those confirming her sighting has been taken but Channel 4 has 170 hours of film plus hand held video material from within the submarine which again they refuse to release.

Of course Channel 4 included such falsehoods in the documentary that we only could do five dives. In fact we did dozens with even a 12 year old daughter of the President of our Foundation going to the bottom of the Dead Sea in one of them.

Many other misrepresentations were made including the "Orion" anomaly which we KNEW before we dived could not be an underwater structure but rather a mirror image of another structure, the twin of which can plainly be seen on the satellite image on the land just north of the Dead Sea.

All attempts to have these errors and others corrected have been rebuffed by Channel 4.


Vision Video Associate

Vision Video Associate

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