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Dead Sea Reluctantly Gives Up It's Secrets

As Alien as the planets in the heavens, the Mini-Sub Delta 

goes ... "Where No Man Has Gone Before"

Mini-sub Delta headed for underwater exploration

Mini-sub Delta loaded with 1100+ extra pounds to off-set the buoyancy of the Dead Sea. 

First public release of photographs taken from the Mini-sub Delta.  Rectangular block walls, in addition to hundreds of mounds found at one spot only at the bottom of the Dead Sea.  The area of this underwater "city" is 0.8  x 0.8 kilometers.   A perfect square!  The rest of the bottom of the Dead Sea is perfectly flat. 

Original snapshot of a "wall" under the Dead Sea

A "wall"???   Original Snapshot

Enhanced snapshot of "wall" for better viewing foreground

Enhanced for better viewing the foreground.

A "wall" under the waters of the Dead Sea that are mostly perfectly flat and perfectly white with snow like salt everywhere. 

These are pictures taken from inside the sub, looking out one of the windows.  The green coloring is from the water not the structures.  Everything is covered by a deep layer of white crystalline salt.  


"Pillar" or Column"

 "Pillar" or "column" that has fallen on its side???

A "wall" with lines seen within the layers of salt??

Satellite view of the Dead Sea and it's mysterious "city."


Vision Video Associate

Vision Video Associate

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