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Satellite Views 

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Four satelite views of the Dead Sea.

  C-Band (wavelength = 5.7 cm). The Radar is an active sensor. It sends a pulse, horizontally polarized, and measures the returning pulse. The returning pulse, interacts with the surface and can either come back in horizontal polarization or vertical. This makes for four images - C-HH, C-HV, L-HH, L-HV (band - sent signal polarization, return signal polarization). Radar signal is most effected by surface roughness. I have attached two jpg images - one is a display of each of the four bands. They are grayscale and contain all the information received by the satellite in this configuration. The second image is the one you saw - a false RGB representation of the same information in the bw pictures. The square "box" in C-HV is silt and mud entering from the Jordan river. There is some noise in the image, which can be seen in the L-HV band (the stripes in the right-hand upper corner of the lake). Don't forget that SAR measures backscattering. Any change in the surface of the sea will show up as a change in the image (waves, different salt concentrations, boat tracks, etc.). Once again - radar does not penetrate the waters of the Dead Sea. In order for SAR to "see" the bottom of a water body, very rigid conditions have to be met.    -----Michael Lazar, of the Dead Sea Research Center 

* This area coincidentally showed up in a magnetometer scan produced by the Dead Sea Research Center at Tel Aviv University, which showed an exact square area of 0.8 x 0.8 kilometers.  This was NOT on our original schedule of dives, but when the Jordanian Government withdrew their permission it was decided to investigate, as the area was half in Israel and half in Jordanian waters.  ----- Michael Sanders, Director 


Vision Video Associate

Vision Video Associate

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