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Migdol Gateway

And Medinet Habu from Air


Midgol Gateway at Medinet Habu

The "Migdol" Gateway of the Mortuary Temple of Ramesses III (Shishak) at Medinet Habu.  The style of the gateway is NOT Egyptian but rather a copy of the Gateway of Solomon's Temple.  This together with "A Holy of Holies", "Treasury Rooms" and depictions of Cherubim on the 8 pillars in the Second Court and a profusion of "Arks" shows that Ramesses III built this Temple in honor of the place where he had obtained all his wealth.....Solomon's Temple.  


Medinet Habu from the air.

Medinet Habu from the air with the Migdol Gate located to the left of the main structure. 

Medinet Habu reconstruction plans.

Reconstruction Plans.


Vision Video Associate

Vision Video Associate

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