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Israeli Army Blows Up

 Dead Sea Bottom

Israeli Army explosion in the Dead Sea, censored by NBC!


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First picture of explosion Second picture of explosion

Explosion that caused a 4.2 reading on the Richter Scale.  


Approximate location of the explosion south of the "Orion" anomaly.  Note the mirror image north of the Dead Sea.  We did not discover that until after we arrived in Israel. 

The only suitable vessel on the Dead Sea is owned by Moti Gonen who has close links with the Israeli Military.  His boat "Lot's wife" and the support barge for the sub are ready for "exploration."  It was used not only to lay the explosives prior to our arrival, but also as our "Mother Ship" towing a barge which we had made specifically for the expedition.  

Five days before the mini-sub Delta arrived in Israel by air to explore the bottom of the Dead Sea, the Israeli Army caused a massive explosion in the area of the first planned dive.

This is the first video available of the explosion and the commentary of Michael Sanders, Director of Expeditions of the Mysteries of the Bible Research Foundation who collaborated with the Dead Sea Research Center of the University of Tel Aviv on the project.

It caused a 4.2 reading on the Richter Scale and the official reason for the explosion was to test tectonic activity in the area. No such explosion had ever been done before.

This scene was included in the Channel 4 version of the expedition shown in the UK but "standards and practices" of NBC refused to allow it to be considered in the US version!!!!

More censorship?


Vision Video Associate

Vision Video Associate

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