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Arks, Golden Poles  

& Cherubim 

Images on Egyptian Temples and Shrines -- "Especially" at Medinet Habu, 

 Ramesses III Mortuary Temple

Egyptian Ark being carried on golden poles view 3 Egyptian Ark  

The east Wall has pictures of "Arks" some carried by priests on Golden Poles ( see Biblical account).

Egyptian Ark being carried on golden poles view 1 Egyptian Ark being carried on golden poles view 2

Egyptian version of the Ark Of the Covenant carried on Golden Poles, with Winged Creatures Above, can seen on the walls of the Temple at Medinet Habu. They are not only on its walls but on its pillars. Eight of which can also be seen just around the corner from these photos.  See the sketch/plan for where the pillars are located. It is as though this Temple is dedicated to these images.  

Cherubim on Tutankamun's Shrine

But Medinet Habu is not the only place that has these images.  They can be found at several places in Egypt, one of which is these Cherubim (winged creatures) on Tutankhamun's Shrine.

Sketch from North wall of Medinet Habu

A graphic representation of an image at Medinet Habu.

More Pictures of Medinet Habu


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Vision Video Associate

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