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Egyptian Temple in the Hebron (Judean) Hills

built by Ramesses III

Harris Papryus, a key Eqyptian Document to the expedition.

The Harris Papyrus tells of a Temple built by Ramesses III
the only one built outside of Egypt proper.


Egyptian army went out of Egypt Egyptian Army set up camp in the foothills.

Unlike the Channel 4 maps (shown above) the main central road from Egypt to Jerusalem did not go so close to the coast.  It came directly from the South via Beer Sheba, Djahiriya and then Jerusalem.  After walking 30 days in the desert, Djahiriya would have been the first sight of vegetation, as it is the first village in the foothills after leaving the desert.


Michael locating a 9' stone.

Location of 9' stone mentioned by Edward Robinson more than 160 years ago when describing an ancient fortress discovered to be  
"An ancient Egyptian Temple."



Michael pointing to the Temple Deposit Cavity.

Photograph of video section edited out by Channel 4  and NBC of the location of the temple deposits possibly containing the contents of the Ark of the Covenant.  Here is the place at which there is "something to dig for."

The corner Temple Deposit cavity is where his hand is pointing and the second cavity  ....  under the marker stone ....  is where his elbow is pointing.


Vision Video Associate

Vision Video Associate

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