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You are now able to order, while in our Website, all books referenced in the lectures, as well as ALL books in print, directly from Amazon.com. Your order will be delivered to you, without having to leave the comfort of your home and computer, or waiting for your local bookstore to order these wonderful books. Thank you for your patience.


Note: We receive a small commission from Amazon.com for book sales generated from our site, provided you follow a direct link from our site to theirs for each book ordered. If you wish to purchase additional titles, you should add a book to your shopping cart, then return to this page and follow additional links from here. Amazon.com will remember which books you have placed in your shopping cart. Thanks for supporting this feature.

[Lec 1] BIBLE HISTORY - Fact or Fiction

[Lec 2] ARCHAEOLOGICAL AGES [Lec 3] EGYPT - The Chronology [Lec 4] SHISHAK not SHOSHENQ! [Lec 5] ZERAH - The KUSHITE [Lec 6] JEROBOAM - Prince of Egypt [Lec 7] THE ARCHAEOLOGY OF AI [Lec 9] JERICHO - Part I: Introduction [Lec 10] JERICHO Part II - The Biblical Account [Lec 11] JERICHO Part III - The Biblical Account (b) [Lec 12] JERICHO Part IV - The Archaeology [Lec 13] JAMES, the Brother of JESUS [Lec 14] JERICHO Part V - The Archaeology (b) [Lec 15] LOST TRIBES - Introduction [Lec 16] HAMAS - The Charter [Lec 17] THE REVISED CHRONOLOGY [Lec 18] JERICHO Part VI - The Update [Lec 19] SODOM & GOMORRAH [Lec 20] SODOM & GOMORRAH - Part II [Lec 21] DAN, DAN - The Travelling Man [Lec 22] PEOPLES of the SEA [Lec 23] WENAMUN loves a Woman [Lec 24] PHILISTINES [Lec 25] PHILISTINES: ARCHAEOLOGY Part I [Lec 26] PHILISTINES: ARCHAEOLOGY Part II [Lec 30] SODOM & GOMORRAH FOUND BENEATH DEAD SEA [Lec 31] 1650 MAP OF CANAAN [Lec 32] TOWER OF BABEL FOUND? [Lec 33] MORE DEAD SEA IMAGES [Lec 34] KINGS OF THE NORTH [Lec 37] TUTHMOSE SAVES DEBORAH [Lib6] CODES IN THE TORAH
  • Bible Codes Plus (ISBN: )
    If you have no knowledge of Hebrew, this is the best codes programme available with many wonderful features. Obtainable from us at $79.95 plus $10 shipping and handling. Please write if you need more details.
  • Cracking the Bible Code: Jeffrey Satinover (ISBN: 0688154638)
    The only book so far that has overall merit. Still should be read with caution when it comes to the Witztum experiment.
  • The Bible Code: Michael Drosnin (ISBN: 0684810794)
    Reader beware. The most interesting part is the prediction of Rabin's death.
  • The Signature of God: Grant R. Jeffrey (ISBN: 0921714289)
    Another book to be read with great caution although it contains much fascinating information. He has already had to pay up regarding his codes pronouncements which are no longer valid.
  • Yeshua; Yacov Rambsel (ISBN: 0931914343)
    The start of the "Yeshua in Code" phenomenon. The book is totally discredited. Similar codes can be found in War and Peace, Moby Dick or anywhere else.
[Lib12] LOST TRIBES - Japan
  • Ephrain: Yair Davidy (ISBN: )
    $25 including airmail postage. Another mine of information, not all of it reliable, but invaluable nevertheless.
  • Lost Israelite Identity: Yair Davidy (ISBN: )
    Yair Davidy is probably the most prolific writer on the Lost Tribes today and all his books are a mine of information. This book can be obtained directly from Mysteries of the Bible for $30.00 including air-mail postage.


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