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Michael S. SandersBio

Michael Sinclair Sanders

Curriculum Vitae (abridged).

Born Leeds, Yorkshire, England  October 21st 1939



Roundhay High School, Leeds

Leeds Grammar School.

Guy’s Hospital Medical School as Leeds Senior City Scholar.

Duke University: Research Fellowship.

Freiburg University, Institute of Psychology.  Graduate Studies.



·        1963: Great Books of the Western World: Military Division Director

·        1965: Associated Investors: European Manager: Investment Consultants

·        1968: Midsan Consultants. Partnership with Sir George Middleton. Former Ambassador/Charge d’Affair to Cairo, Beirut, Buenos Aires, Teheran, India. Political Resident in Arabian Gulf.

o       Midsan International. Partnership with Banque Lambert, Brussels, Belgium

o       Gulf Investment Fund: First Mutual Fund dedicated to Arabian Gulf investors.

o       Consolidated International Advisors. All entities dedicated to advising Government and individuals in Arabian Gulf on financial, political and diplomatic affairs.

o       Personal Financial and Political Advisor to the International Supreme Council of Sikhs.

o       Countries resided in or visited for business and/or research include all countries in Western Europe and Middle East, Russia, China, Hong Kong,  Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines, India, Thailand, Pakistan, All countries in North America, Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, Chile, Brazil and Argentine.


·        1988: Histories and Mysteries of Man: Publisher of important archaeological texts including Breasted’s “Ancient Records of Egypt”, Luckenbill’s “Ancient Records of Assyria” Many works by Petrie including collaboration with University of London on  13 volume Egyptian Research Account.

·        Researched and wrote a complete revised chronology of the ancient world.

·        1998; Ancient Cultures Research Foundation and Mysteries of the Bible Research Foundation: Director of Research and Expeditions.

o       Expeditions and/or television specials to Ecuador, Guatemala, Egypt, Jordan, Palestine and Israel.

o       First ever submarine to the bottom of the Dead Sea in collaboration with the Dead Sea Research Center.

o       Television Specials for NBC USA and Channel 4 UK syndicated around the world.


·        2001: Developed  Peace Plan involving completely new paradigm now in the briefing papers of Jim Wolfensohn, Quartet representative to the Peace Process and endorsed by such experts as Senator George Mitchell and Nadim Shehadi.

Extensive profiles have been written in Sunday Times of London, London Daily Express, London Daily Mail, London Daily Telegraph, Yorkshire Post, LA Times, Orange County Register etc. Appeared frequently on radio and television discussing the ancient world and modern Middle Eastern Politics.


For Further information, please contact:

Michael S. Sanders
Email: Mike.Sanders@AncientCultures.net


Vision Video Associate

Vision Video Associate

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